The LumenAura is an advanced color lighting array. This brilliant, full-spectrum globe is designed as a meditational aid, a chakra clearing energy source or mood-changing illumination for any room. Choose a color / chakra point on the remote or transition through the spectrum. An artistic piece – precisely oriented on a pyramidal base – each LumenAura is impeccably hand-crafted and unique.

"illuminate your world with LumenAura"

Color Energy Technology:

• specific color frequencies
• transitional color sequences
• remote controlled
• new-gen "soft" LED light source

Sacred Geometry:
• pyramid base
• luminescent sphere
• geometrical archetypes
• precision hand crafted

Vitalic Metallurgy:
• copper conductivity
• transference of energy
• natural beauty and warmth

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Let There Be Light

Color Aligned
Enhance your focus and awareness on chakra, body and energy work. Nothing else provides this high-intensity manifestation of specific color and illumination. Center your intention encourage energetic infusion.

Finding Focus
Kundalini instructors, energy workers and massage therapists have a new tool. Your meditational environment
instantly reflects the color and intensity of a chosen chakra point. Exercise and dance studios take on a new, variable character.

More Info:
Power of Color
Light Frequencies
Vitalic Metalurgy
Sacred Geometry
Copper - The Sacred Metal
Soft Light
Energy Efficiency

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"... light and color can promote health, enhance performance and learning and raise consciousness."
International Light Assoc. - LINK

"It seems clear that light is the most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily function."
Richard J. Wurtman, MIT

Works great for:
• Therapists
• Clinicians
• Energy Healers
• Chiropractors
• Chakra Work
• Energy Balancing

• Relaxation
• etc......

Use In:
• Yoga Studios
• Spas
• Healing Centers
• Meditation Rooms
• Temples
• Office
• Home
• etc......

Hand crafted in the USA.
The LumenAura comes in 2 models. Both feature the same "soft" full spectrum LED lighting technology operated by the full featured remote control.

Includes free shipping in the US • Full 4 year warranty • 30 day return policy.

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The Atlantis Model
Offers a more contemporary style with glass and silver base enhanced by crystals. Ideal for offices and studios.
The Giza Model
Offers a more classic style with the look of stone and copper ridgelines. Perfect for fitting with your home decor.

Special offer for Practitioners
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Detailed Information Page
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